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Sunday, August 28, 2005

We have the blue-prints to our house and have already thought up some nifty new plans.

We will push the garage out front a extra 2 feet to accomodate a larger vehicle or at least allow more storage space at the back of the garage.

The downstairs 1/2 bath must be rearranged. I'm going to ask the "architect"? "blue-print maker"? Whatever they are called... hehe... "drafter"? I dunno... Anywho, I'm going to ask for any and all additional ideas for that bathroom just to see what can be done.

We will have *5* light switches at the front door! Is that not insane? I could not believe that anyone could use 5 switches in one spot... but it's true. Now how do I go about memorizing them? Hehe...
1. Front porch light
2. Yard light
3. socket just inside the door
4. Foyer light
5. SEE I already CANNOT remember! wow... ummm... OH! outside garage lights! grrr

Okay... I think it's a bad thing when your bunny eats the string off a balloon.. don't you? She's like a goat or something! Will call the vet in the morning now. Rotten rabbit and dumb balloon for floating over there where she could reach it!



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