Hometown Advertising Opportunities

I am excited to offer advertising opportunities!
This is an awesome bargain!
For the monthly advertising fee your ad will show in my sidebar.
When a new ad is placed on my site there will be an announcement posted on Facebook (that feeds to my Twitter account) about the latest sponsor.

What is the benefit of advertising on my site?
- Ad space to generate traffic to your site at an affordable price!

1,500 hits per month
1,005 Twitter Followers
36 Facebook Likes
24 Feedburner Readers
200 Pinterest Followers
57 Instagram Followers

Type of advertising available:
- Banner ad in sidebar available is 300x200
- Banners automatically rotate
- 4 Ad Spaces available but only 2 visible per page view

What is the price for an advertisement space?
- $4/month*
*I reserve the right to refuse any advertising requests
*ad prices subject to change

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