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Updated: 11/2/2010

I love messing with code! Code is FUN! I know there are many of you out there that code isn’t necessarily all that fun, but if you want to give a shot at customizing your blog try something from the list below! If you happen to not want to try these out on your own, let me know and I can help you for the prices listed.

Before you start ANYTHING make sure that you have a backup of your blog. The ENTIRE thing… including the template. You can Backup you Blog and Blog Template in a few clicks.

Now let’s work on pretty stuff:

-Adding Signatures to Posts $5
This is really one of the easiest pretty things you can do.

-Adding Columns $15
This takes some code knowledge so be careful. It helps to read all the steps before you start.

-Adjusting Headers $10
Be careful to match the size of the header to the size of the image or the image will get smooshed, warped, etc. Plus when you have an already customized template on your blog it can be a bit more complicated to adjust your header.

-Adding Contact and Subscribe Box $20
My charge is to make links on your blog like mine up there with the cute little birdie. :) The link to the tutorial is how to add these fun little links at the bottom of your post. It’s a very effective way to add social media to your blogger blog.

-Adjusting Post Placement $15
   (for example you don't like where the timestamp is located) 
There are so many tutorials out there for this step because it really depends on where and what you want to move. Do a Swagbucks search and you are bound to find some great tutorials.

-Custom Watermark for your Photos $10
These really aren’t that difficult to make. Create a washed out image of your initials, your business title or whatever and using your image editor just plop it on top of your images before uploading them to your blog. Obviously you’ll need an image editor and a bit of experience here for this one. You can do it!! :)

UPDATE Your Blogger COMMENT System!

There are some AWESOME updates out there to help your standard Blogger comments work better for you. If you'd like to have a "Reply To Comments" plugin as well as a more easy to find Leave a Comment Button I'd be happy to help with these:

- Change Post Comment Text
This is an easy thing to change so have fun with that!

- Reply to Comments $5
This is a FUN blogger hack and it reminds me of responding to people on Twitter. It’s not too challenging but the tutorial can be a bit scary when reading it. Read it twice and than try it. Hehe…You can try this other Reply to Comments tutorial too.

Update February 17, 2012 -
Blogger has FINALLY added threaded comments! It's still a bit buggy because it JUST came out, but YAY! This will be a nice addition to all blogs and so nice that it doesn't require special code.

- Leave a Comment Button $5
Uh oh… This tutorial has disappeared!! Working on finding a new one for ya.

- Leave a Comment CUSTOM Button $10
Obviously I’d make a button for ya with this. Once again, you just need a little photo editing software and you can easily make your own.

Feel free to let me know if you'd be interested in any of these items or what you are in need of having done on your blog and we can work something out. :) I'm not out to get rich with this... but I wouldn't mind being able to purchase additional coupons this way. :) Heheh...

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