It's that Time Again...

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Do you know what time it is? It's Race for Peace time!! What is Race for Peace:Congo? Well... the short story is mind blowing! The long story is.... The "green shirt people" first showed up last year in a local walk that sponsors charities. The money from the fundraising we have done as a group is used to build Peace Building Committees thru World Relief. You can read more about all the efforts involved using the links in this paragraph. I highly recommend you check it all out! Very cool stuff!

At any rate, what have all the "crazy green shirt" people been up to this year? Well a lot! Awesome changes are happening around town and in people's hearts. It is very evident that God is involved in all of this. He has been from the start but I just feel/see it better this year. It's so awesome! Emotional! Amazing!

I am still only completing the 4 mile Walk/Run event again this year but I intend to run some of it. My oldest has entered the event with me. So excited about that! My other kiddos are involved in the kids event and I have one working up a storm with crafting. We aren't sure what to do with these craft items yet but the kids want them involved somehow.

Have a great weekend!!


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