It's that Time Again...

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Do you know what time it is? It's Race for Peace time!! What is Race for Peace:Congo? Well... the short story is mind blowing! The long story is.... The "green shirt people" first showed up last year in a local walk that sponsors charities. The money from the fundraising we have done as a group is used to build Peace Building Committees thru World Relief. You can read more about all the efforts involved using the links in this paragraph. I highly recommend you check it all out! Very cool stuff!

At any rate, what have all the "crazy green shirt" people been up to this year? Well a lot! Awesome changes are happening around town and in people's hearts. It is very evident that God is involved in all of this. He has been from the start but I just feel/see it better this year. It's so awesome! Emotional! Amazing!

I am still only completing the 4 mile Walk/Run event again this year but I intend to run some of it. My oldest has entered the event with me. So excited about that! My other kiddos are involved in the kids event and I have one working up a storm with crafting. We aren't sure what to do with these craft items yet but the kids want them involved somehow.

We have started our fundraising page and you can check it out! I have posted a few updates over there about training and stuff too.

I will have more posts about this event now. I have my blog all cleaned up and ready to move forward on it. I may have missed a few posts with messed up links and missing photos, but I think I caught most of them.

Have a great weekend!!


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