Never Ending Race

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

I ran a race… a short race. I walked it all even. I feel honored to have been allowed to participate! The Race for Peace is just something I cannot quite get away from yet. Here’s some pix from my Instagram feed on the day of the race….
When the race began I couldn’t see the starting line. Seems similar to the fact that I couldn’t figure out where to start or keep up with training! There was a point in time of the race that we all funneled under a tunnel and it was amazing to see everyone! I did feel a bit like lemmings though. Hehe… The signs throughout the race were so encouraging too. I loved that after finishing the race I still had time to get up to the sidelines and cheer on the rest of the Race for Peace runner/walkers too. That little bit right there makes it hard for me to decide if next time I will up my race distance or keep it at 4 miles so I can get up to the stands and cheer longer. I don’t believe the race is finished yet though. There’s still so much more that needs to be done.

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