End of the Race for Peace

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

I finished my part in the Race for Peace:Congo last Saturday (Sep 29) or did I? I don't think it's done yet. Just because the big day that we were all training for is over doesn't mean we have to be done with the race. I am still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened on Saturday. There was so much going on and so much that I wish I could go over again. Maybe even a redo would be nice. I also don't feel that I did as much as I could have done. I'm not talking about the running or walking either. I did walk 4 miles. It was hard for me because I am just not the person who enjoys walking. I don't feel that I have done enough for a group of people in so much distress while I sit here in my nice warm house with running water and readily available food.

Saturday was amazing! Everywhere I looked there were green Race for Peace shirts running, walking or cheering. Of over 10,000 runners involved (I don't know the count of who showed up that day), I found out around 700 of them were Race for Peace! That didn't count all the green shirts that were on the sidelines or in the water stations cheering on those run/walkers! It was awesome! I felt the impact of us all by just being with everyone. I didn't even know everyone wearing those shirts either but anyone with a green shirt was suddenly a partner in something much bigger. My favorite part was coming in the stadium on the finishing lap and looking up at center field FILLED with green shirts cheering us (and everyone else) on to finish the race. It was really awesome!

So it's not time to hang up my shoes just yet. I have more running to do but it's just not the same running as before. I am not sure what this running will entail or where to go with it though. I feel a bit helpless and overwhelmed by it all actually. I am just one little person in a big, big world of a lot of people. So let me ask you...

What would you do? 
How would you reach out to help a large group of people who you 
have never met but feel compelled to help? 
Or try to help?

If you want to read more and check out cool pictures from race day, visit the Race for Peace Facebook page. Newspaper articles, videos and photos are flowing in to the page and it's really cool to see it all.


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