R4P:C - Final Week of Training

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This is it!The final week of training for my Race for Peace:Congo (R4P:C) 4 mile walk. My left foot aches so bad I want to cut it off. Hubby thinks it may be my shoes, but I really can't see myself getting another pair of shoes this late in the game and besides this is the only walk I intend to do. I cannot imagine having to walk 4 miles per day! I am sure those who I am walking for have to do that for school, fire, work or even water. Can you imagine? I can survive a few more weeks of foot pain for a cause that technically ends (for me), especially when the people in the cause I am walking for don't get that "light at the end of tunnel" choice on their walking. I'm such a baby!

When I signed up for the R4P:C I knew it would be a challenge. I knew I would reap the physical benefits of walking (even though it really isn't my favorite thing to do) and I knew there would be other challenges as well. I guess I under-estimated most of them though. When you do something for a cause (And this is a big cause! Do you know what is happening in Congo? You can find a lot of details by clicking here. NOTICE: That link takes you away from my website. I am not responsible for it.) it's not just physical. It is mental, emotional and spiritual too.

Mentally and emotionally I have been dragging. Physically I am in pain and we all have been getting sick a ton around here. We are not usually this sick all the time either! It was a crazy amount of illness that lead to me and my husband even having one day of almost being unable to care for ourselves, barely helping each other and sending our children to grandparents in a desperate attempt to get better. (And not get them all sick again!)

Spiritually is another story. We have been more than tense. I can count more times than I care to of being unfounded in my lack of support for my children or husband and being just downright rude. I think the closest comparison I have to what has been going on around here for us is that Hubby would be preparing for a deployment. Only it's not just been restricted to my relationship to my husband but also to my children, parents and even some friends. It's been soooooo weird! I have recognized this struggle though and I would pray, have quiet moments and play a lot of praise music. Especially over the last month. I didn't always catch it before I sent out some nice barbs of attack though so many-a-apology has been necessary too.

So... this last week. I feel like everything is coming to an end but that I have not done much at all. I am putting myself in a gap to help protect those in need but it does not feel like it's enough. Do you ever have moments like that? I do know of some areas where more is needed and all of us can help. Will you help too? It really won't take much of your time. You don't need to be someone who does the walking either. Here's how YOU can help:

1. We need prayer. All of us walking need prayer but more importantly those we are walking for need prayer.

2. There are a few awesome Congolese who are trying to get HERE for the big event of walking next week and are being waylaid through paperwork and red tape. Pray for them to get here. They want to walk with us in THEIR cause! You can see updates about this on the Race for Peace: Congo Facebook page.

3. I cannot stress enough the financial need for Congo. World Relief (the R4P:C partner) is accepting donation through the walker/runner websites to continue to strive for peace in Congo.

Sasa Ni Wakati Wa Amani!
Now it is Time for Peace!

I really hope that you will take a moment and choose one of these options to help. Every little bit of help really does make a difference. I feel small and insignificant in the big scheme of what is going on in the R4P:C but I am continuing with it (and posting here) because I know what I am doing (no matter how little) will stir something somewhere. I am helping and I can help. Even right now.

Notice: There are several links in this post that lead to other websites. They are not my websites and I was not paid or asked to link to them.


Samantha Kelley said...

Wow! What a cause! I would have a hard time not getting shoes that felt better, but my hubby would totally be on your side! Be sure to leave a comment my way too! Good Luck!!!

genamayo said...

I'll be praying for you all!
--Gena at I Choose Joy .org

Dee - WishfulMe said...

@Samantha - I know... I should get the shoes. I just don't have time to break them in and my one and only race/walk ever is this Saturday. Seems silly. Good news is that wearing thicker socks helps a bit.

@Genamayo - Thank you so much!!! That is really appreciated.

Take care!

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