Day Before Race for Peace:Congo

Friday, September 28, 2012

It's the day before big Race for Peace Day and I am worried if I will even be able to make it to the race tomorrow. We have 6 people going 3 different directions and 1 vehicle. The challenge of figuring this out has been getting to me but I am going to let it go now. I have been unable to discuss it with my Hubby because our schedules are taking us in 50 different directions already right now. Never fails that all of this would happen before a big event like this. I wonder how many other people are having the same issues.

Think it's just life that all this is going on before 
we make a major stand for a country under attack?

I feel very small in the big scheme of things right now too. I've already had the desire to pull out of all of this altogether. I am constantly feeling like I don't matter and I am so busy I can't think straight. I want to try and prioritize what is going on so that I can focus on what is important but I cannot believe how difficult that is right now. I was just on the phone with a friend of mine and all was okay. I get off and start working on things and wow. I feel like everything is spinning out of control!

I'm off to refocus, quiet the day, turn on some praise music, make a list and start with the first thing.


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