We Get Off Topic

Friday, August 10, 2012

The other day I was going over a simple fitness activity booklet with the kids (They are part of the Race for Peace:Congo too!) and got way, way, WAY off topic. It was phenomenally off topic. It wasn’t a bad topic, it was just off topic.

We started off discussing how your body works together to run and how everything has to be at it’s best to achieve the motion of running. The topic of evolution came up. How could something so intricately designed have just happened? How could something with so many little pieces parts so perfectly designed to take care of each other have just adapted to work that way?

Now we were hot and off into discussions of everything… monkeys, eye color, how everything inside you works when you are eating, mud, stars, death, getting old and heaven. We talked about where your soul is in your body (something that even I can't fathom in answering...) and how it never grows old. Your body decays but your soul does not. Your soul is who you are and who you will always be. It’s all that you need when your body is no more. It was an awesome conversation and I didn’t have all the answers to some of their questions but I told them I’d get back to them.

We get REALLY off topic around here. The kids asked me about that even and I explained that, “I’m a woman and I have every right to discuss everything when we have a conversation. I wouldn’t want to leave something out, would I?”

They laughed and we did actually finish their activity sheet.

Thank you Race for Peace:Congo! We would NEVER have had this conversation if we had never signed up for this event through Fort for Fitness. Yes, the Fort for Fitness activity sheet is what we were working on, but it’s because of Race for Peace:Congo that we started it at all.


Phyllis said...

I do love the way topics go at our house, too, with each one bringing to the table their unique points of view. I love homeschooling.

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