Race for Peace: My Training

Monday, July 30, 2012

I am still plugging away at my training. The HEAT in this area has been miserable and making me want to stay inside where it’s cool or at least in reach of the sprinkler. Fortunately I’ve been working ahead of schedule so I am already up to the point of my walking that I need to be in order to stay on track. PHEW! Saved by messing up the dates on the calendar again advanced planning! Hehe… Shhhh!

braceletsIn other news there are these AWESOME little bracelets for promoting the Race for Peace: Congo that I just love! They are made by MudLove.com and while they are encouraging questions from other people (because who could overlook this cool little piece on a wrist without asking about it) these bracelets are also assisting another effort in Africa. Water. Double win! Check out the MudLove.com website for more details on the acquiring your own bracelet with a saying that has meaning to you or necklace, tshirt, etc. They are sooooo cool! A must have!

You are also welcome to grab this little blog button and add it to your sidebar. It links directly up to the MudLove.com website and will help them spread the word about their efforts in helping those in need.

Thanks so much for checking that out and I would so appreciate a note of encouragement from those who stop by.

Take care!


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