Race for Peace: Congo

Monday, July 16, 2012

Do you remember the Race for Congo ride last year? You can read the entire story of that big event at the “Live Updates from the Road” written by those who rode the race. This year things are a bit different. There are no bikes, just feet. Over 400 pairs of feet actually and my feet are part of it!
The Race for Peace: Congo (R4P:Congo) is a cooperative event with the Fort for Fitness program. We are joining them in their events that they have available but for an entirely different reason than losing weight and getting fit. Those are just a bonus to the goals we have in mind. As a Race for Peace:Congo walker my goal is to raise awareness about what is happening in Congo, help raise funds to continue peace building initiatives in Congo and the biggest goal is that I will be standing in the spiritual gap to acknowledge that what is happening over in Congo is wrong and bigger than just human interaction.

So here I go! There were several different options available to me to join in this R4P:Congo. There is a half marathon, 10K, 4 mile walk/run and Senior/Kid marathon. I chose the 4 mile walk/run. I am by no means someone who enjoys walking/running around. In the heat. Where the bugs are. ugh! This is not my preferred method of exercise or use of time. I have started my training and I’ll admit that it’s been a struggle.
But… this isn’t FOR me. I am doing this for other people who I have never met but cannot believe what is happening to them. As I start this journey of walking for peace, I will continue to post things here. If you are in the area of this event, be sure to watch out for the shirt in these pictures. It means they are another of the 400 pairs of feet running around in the gap!

You can join me in this event either by dropping me a note of encouragement on my fundraising page (this race is over... we will start again next year!) or help me with my fundraising efforts and donate a few dollars. (Your gift is tax deductible!) My goal is to reach $500 in fundraising but anything we can all do to help will help.

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