Study Africa - Race for Congo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The kiddos and I are really out of practice when it comes to school right now. I usually am a year around homeschooler, but something happened this summer. Can’t quite put my finger on it… hmm? Oh! Right… LIFE! In a big way. Some good things and some not so good things. At any rate, getting to do a study was a lot of fun!

We started off cruising the internet and just looking up whatever we fancied interesting about Africa. Particularly, Congo. I started with a map. We love maps! Here’s a great place to start on your African geography: Sheppard Software - All About Africa. Or maybe you’d like to be swimming in African Resources, try: Africa - South of the Sahara for a bit of EVERYTHING!

Of course, right after our map exploration I explained to my children about the Race for Congo and what is happening in terms they may understand. I took information from Teachable Moments and the video from World Relief that I posted. I did not allow my children to read or watch this information themselves at this time. I recommend you look over the information first and then either allow your children to read and watch the video or listen to your paraphrase.

After all of this, we branched off into some specific studies. One chose volcanoes and the other chose elephants. I, of course, was totally prepared sent scrambling for worksheets and fun projects. Hehehe…

First up: Fun with play-doh! They had to be doing SOMETHING while I was frantically printing. I love how well their little “sculptures” turned out. There was real attention to detail in these… I mean, the elephant had a cute little tail! It was sad when they squished them all back into the containers after pictures.

Elephant Elephant1

I suppose the elephant would have been better if we had had grey play-doh… but this works, right? The volcano was quite colorful too.

Volcano Volcano1

By the time they finished up these little beauties I had their worksheets and books ready. PHEW!

Volcano Discovery - Information and photos - We actually looked over these items as a group before the “sculptures”

ABC Teach - Love all the worksheets available. Someday I may get a membership to this site. The freebies are working for me for now.

Earth’s Kids - Great general information on elephants compiled from other websites. We liked the pictures.

National Geographic for Kids - Was easy for my kiddo to navigate on their own! I did print the animal “card” for them to keep. Cool video! Elephant Worksheets - A bit tricky to print (look for the links UNDER the image of the worksheet) but once I figured that out these all kept a variety of my kiddos busy through lunch preparations.


Tracy said...

I love the sculptures! As a new homeschool mom, I am loving the inspiration from other moms. Thanks!

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